Memorial Day weeding - done!

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Living in the Pacific Northwest, a common rule of thumb is that you wait to set your plants out over the Mother's Day weekend. By then, the odds are very good that you are past the last freeze and your plants will be okay. By the Memorial Day weekend, though, usually two to three weeks later, weeds have taken root and it's time to do some serious weeding. I can't remember a Memorial Day weekend that didn't involve some heavy weeding, and this year was no exception.

Pictured here, the 28-foot Crop Circle garden is freshly weeded, along with the raised beds! It's such a relief having this done! But with that comes the realization that I'll be doing this all over again in a few weeks. So I took pictures ... they last longer. :)

Photo of raised bed gardens
Photo of Crop Circle garden

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