Spotted dime-sized Early Girl tomatoes on two plants. :)

Did a hive inspection today ... the hive looks healthy but oddly, the brood frames are very spotty and light. Did I roll my queen in a previous inspection? I didn't examine every frame, so it's possible that she's working elsewhere and the few frames I did pull are where the current hatching brood lived ...

The bees are starting to put up honey the top super...

These are just empty deep supers with a few dark frames, and a ziploc bag of lemongrass oil ...

This is a homebuilt swarm trap, placed atop a pole by a tree, about six feet high.

Photo of back yard , Photo of back yard , Photo of rhodendron flowers , Photo of flowers in Boots

Here is a current view of our back yard Paradise! The deer, rabbits and squirrels love it, as do we and our occasional visitors. :)

Nope, just new growth on a sword fern.

New growth on sword ferns, am I paranoid, or, is it looking at me?

Found these hiking boots at a thrift store, finally decided to put them to good use!

In Crop Circle garden