Ants, Hive Beetles - other pests

Submitted by jimwcoleman

A new beekeeping acquaintance of mine stopped me in Alberstons this morning and asked me how to keep ants out of her beehive.

It occurred to me that this is probably a common question, so I am going to answer it here.

The challenge, of course, is to be natural and not to use any pesticides, poisons or other dangerous products. Controlling ants, earwigs and hive beetles can be a challenge but what works for me with regard to ant control is to sprinkle a circle of cinnamon around the hive. My hives are up on stands, with screened bottom boards, so I don't sprinkle it too liberally ... I wouldn't want a gust of wind to pick up the cinnamon and blow it up into the hive. I'm not sure how bees would react to that. But I do know from experience that a "line in the sand" of cinnamon, applied regularly and especially after each rain, seems to work for me. I rarely have an ant problem.

Hope this helps.

What kind of ant/pest control do YOU use?