Main garden planted

Submitted by jimwcoleman
The plantation!

It’s officially on now … the main garden is planted. I’m doing something wild and different this year. Those of you who follow my gardens know that I have tons of tomatoes in this garden. Well, time to give it a rest. This garden will mainly be squash, peppers and onions. Yes, there are a few beans, a few cherry tomatoes and some cucumbers, but mainly – squash, peppers and onions. :) It’s looking beautiful … not a weed in sight … yet … :)

Crop Circle nearly ready for planting

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Crop Circle

It took more than nine back-breaking hours of weeding, but the crop circle is now nearly ready for planting! All I need to do is add another yard-and-a-half of composted chicken manure and rototill it in. You can clearly see that I’ve already started planting in the center area – had some plants that just couldn’t wait. I’m hoping that I can amend the soil tomorrow, till it, and start planting. We had an 80-degree day here today which, for the Pacific Northwest, is almost hotter than hell. But the garden is loving it! I won’t comment on my sunburns.

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