Third hive inspection - can you spot the queen?

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of queen bee

I conducted my third hive inspection. Everything looks ship-shape and the first ba-bees have emerged from their wax cells to begin their lives as workers. Can you spot the Queen bee in this photo? Hint, the marking I put on her last weekend has rubbed off - that's what I get for using water-based paint!

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Submitted by jimwcoleman
Burr comb pulled out from in between frames where the queen cage was
First look into the hive, looking down on the hive top feeder

So today, I did my first full hive inspection since installing the bees. Those who visit this site often (or our Facebook page) know that this is my first time at the races when it comes to beekeeping. I'm excited at what I'm learning.

Anyway, I did a write-up in the forum. If you are a beekeeper or you are interested, follow along and join in on the conversation ... :)

Beekeeping - day two!

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of beehive

The bees were successfully hived yesterday and seem to be busy today with orientation flights and other new household duties, including tossing a few dead bees out the front door.

I spent a lot of time sitting and watching the hive today. At one point, two bees landed on my bald head and crawled around a bit. My first instinct was to bat them off but then I remembered: they didn't land on me to sting me. So no use giving them any reason to.

Dress rehearsal for hiving bees

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of Jim in beekeeping garb...

My bees will come next Saturday and I'll be hiving them! Yesterday, I did a mock trial run just to make sure I have all the parts and pieces in place. I've only got one shot at it and I don't want them to be dissatisfied and fly off as a swarm to parts unknown ... I'll be sure to post updates in the BeeKeeping forum on!

Looking forward to beekeeping!

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Beekeeping supplies

I wanted to do it last year, but wasn't ready. This year, I will make my first steps into beekeeping, following in the footsteps of a good friend, Paul. I have ordered my hive boxes and supplies and just need to find a good local apiary now.

I will create a beekeeping area in the Forums section of this website and hopefully, more beekeepers will join and add to the discussion. I'm looking forward to this new adventure, but with some trepidation as it is completely new to me. :)

Here is a picture of the first part to arrive USPS. More coming! :)

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