Rookie mistake

If I might share a rookie mistake with ya'll.... I had read about companion planting, and thought, wow what a great way to maximize our limited space this year! Well I didn't do enough research. I planted my carrots under the tomato and bell pepper plants. Now I don't know if they didnt get enough sun, or if the bigger plants are taking all the nutrients, but, I have 3-5ft tops, on 3in carrots! I don't remember my gramma's carrots ever having tops that tall. And she had nice long, plump carrots every year. Luckily I am not depending on my garden to eat this year, everything I pull from this year's garden is a bonus. But since we want to be depending on our garden in 2yrs, I better do some more research!

Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 10:00


You are not the only one to ever have done that. I've ignored the rules of companion planting before, thinking, "That doesn't apply to ME and MY garden!" Well, it usually does. At least you are aware of it. I'm amazed at how many gardeners don't know what you're talking about when you say "companion planting."

To be honest, i'd never heard of companion gardening until last winter when we decided we wanted to homestead and I started researching. my gramma had gardened her whole life, and when I was young and she lived w us, I just did what she said. I had read an article online about companion planting, but I couldn't find the article again, and decided to just wing it. Guess what kind of books are now on my amazon list? The Internet is great, but I am amassing my own library!

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