Summer of giant rhubarb!

Photo of giant rhubarb

Holy cow, some of the leaves are approaching three feet wide! The stalks are two feet in length and a delicious shade of red. These rhubarb plants used to be in whiskey barrels but this fall, I built a special tall bed and filled it up with organics from my compost pile. NOW I have some serious rhubarb! I see lots of pies in my future... :)

On a side note, rhubarb beds are a great way to keep family memories alive. I am standing in front of a plant that my mother also has in Arkansas. Rhubarb roots split easily, so you can share your plant with a loved one and know you are both enjoying the same plant. Mom and I also shared a rhubarb plant from my grandmother, who passed several years ago. It always makes me happy to know I have mom's and grandma's rhubarb in my garden!

Monday, July 4, 2016 - 08:00

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