Starting Serrano (or any other) peppers

Photo of pepper sprouts

As you can see here, my peppers are right on schedule! These are Serrano peppers, and I look forward to another great crop! Last year, I had so many Serranos I was practically shoving them into open car windows at the local Fred Meyer store. Peppers can some times be challenging to start, so I am going to share my technique with you.

1) First, I put some pepper seeds into a shot glass, and fill it with lukewarm water. I soak them for four days in a warm location - usually, on the mantel over my fireplace. CHECK THEM DAILY so that the water doesn't evaporate out of the shot glass.

2) After four days, I discard any floaters. I take the remaining seeds and pour them out onto a double thickness of paper towel. From there, I fold the towels over to cover the seeds and put them under a trickle of warm water until the paper towel is soaked through.

3) After a few days, they will sprout. It may take a week or more, depending on the variety.

4) From there, plant them in prepared pots with potting soil. I poke holes in the wet potting soil with a chopstick, then carefully guide the sprout's root into the hole. If the sprout has leaves, I leave them at or just above the soil level. If there are no leaves but just a root, I make sure the seed is covered with an eighth- to a quarter-inch of potting soil.

4) Place on a warm surface or (as I do) use a heated mat.

You will have great peppers!!!

Friday, February 24, 2017 - 06:45

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