Organic Non-GMO Painted Mountain Milling Corn from High Mowing Seed

Photo of brilliant painted corn
Photo of five cobs of painted corn

Oh yes, I love this. I didn't plant it only to mill into flour but also, because I am curious and I like shiny bright multi-colored things. And this corn has not disappointed! Every single cob and kernel looks different, with varying degrees of color and hue. And this isn't just your ordinary painted corn - these kernels are BRIGHT - you can see your reflection in them!

From my favorite seed vendor, High Mowing Seed, you must try these in your garden next season! The stalks do not grow as tall as your average food-grade corn and the cobs are thinner ... but with bright, large kernels that are sure to delight you as much as they have delighted me this season!

Organic Non-GMO Painted Mountain Milling Corn - OPEN-POLLINATED (Note: this link was tested and working at the time this post was made. If you notice this link is broken down the line, please let us know. :)

Click here to see the corn bread I made after milling this delightful corn!

Saturday, September 3, 2016 - 21:45

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