Current look at main garden

Photo of main garden

Here's a current look at my main garden ... yes, for those who haven't seen it in a while, the cute white picket fence is gone ... it lasted ten years but then started to rot and it had to go... :(

Instead, the garden is protected by electric fencing, as you can see in the photo. I did a previous post on how inexpensive and effective this kind of protection is.

Currently, the tomatoes are being harvested. There won't be green beans this year as the deer decimated my plants in the time it took between tearing down the pickets and erecting the electric fence. The peas are all done - they were in that clear patch over to the right. Peppers are doing well, as are tomatillos.

The other crops (squash, corn, red runner beans, etc.) are all over in the Crop Circle garden, which actually is the real "main" garden.

By the way, this is the final year for this garden. It is being converted to something else. You'll see. And yes, it still involves gardening. But as I am moving more and more into beekeeping, I am altering my gardening strategies on the fly and by the seat of my pants. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 02:45

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