Cover crop in Crop Circle

The Crop Circle garden with Polar Triticale cover crop

This is the way the Crop Circle garden looks today ... on a marvelously bright and warm day in the Seattle area ... quite an unexpected surprise!

The Crop Circle was seeded last fall with Polar Triticale, a crop circle variety then offered by Territorial Seed. I have looked twice lately and no longer see this variety listed, so I purchased oats for the coming season. In fact, I seeded oats into part of the main garden earlier today, just to get some growth before Spring.

This is the second year I have not rototilled my gardens. I am planting cover crops instead as a grand experiment. About three weeks prior to planting, I turn all the cover crops into the soil with a shovel. This adds a lot of organics to the soil and allows microorganisms to do their thing without having the tilling process put a lot of air into the soil and disrupting the natural cycle.

Saturday, March 5, 2016 - 14:00

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