Built myself a compost bay

Photo of compost bay
Photo of compost bay under construction
Finished photo of compost bay

When I was talking about converting my main garden to a series of raised beds, a work associate, Chip B., offered me some extra Form-A-Draiin pieces that I could used to build the raised beds. I took enough to build the beds, and a few extras to build a compost box.

But while at the quarry, I saw the rock bays you could back into to load rock. I thought, "Wow, what a great idea for compost!" Instead of having to shovel it all out of a wheelbarrow, I could just build an open bay and dump my goods onto the pile, then just turn it with a pitchfork and be in business.

As you'll see, what I built is pretty solid. The four 4X4 posts are sunk a foot into the ground to provide stability. As the Form-A-Drain pieces can be broken if one is careless, I put a wooden 2x6 rail up on the sides to absorb impacts from pitchforks, or to use as leverage when lifting compost out of the bay.

This really cost me next to nothing - I already had the lumber laying around, and now I have a much nicer compost system. I may build another!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 - 17:00

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