Breaking a broody hen ...

Submitted by jimwcoleman

If you raise laying hens, you are likely to encounter a broody hen at some point. A broody hen will start spending more and more time in the laying box, "setting" on eggs she does or doesn't have and will growl at you (or worse) if you disturb her. I've tried every trick in the book to break a broody and persistence always pays off - but I'm always looking for that "quicker fix." One method that I've seen posted online is to suspend the hen in a wire cage for a period of time. This breaks up the "heat" on her back side and can disrupt the maternal impulse. So here is one of our Buff Orpingtons - suspended in mid-air. Very medieval, as my friend Dan P. commented.  She will remain suspended for two to three days. We'll give her food and water and occasional breaks to stretch her legs. At night, the cage is brought into the sheltered coop where it is suspended, again, above ground, to permit free air circulation. I'll let you know how this goes.

Breaking a broody hen