Another awesome tomato harvest

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Actually, they are running about every other day right now … but that will soon switch over to daily. I picked tomatoes two days ago, anything with much of a hint of red. Those are now being made into salsa, even as I type this… Here’s today’s haul – yes, they are not all ripe yet, but they will be in a day or two in the boxes, covered with newspaper, with a fresh green banana in each box. It’s over 90 degrees outside right now (!), and tomorrow will be another day near 90, so I’m hoping this harvest continues for the foreseeable future. :) Most of these are Territorial Seeds “Plum Dandy” Roma tomatoes. I takes 6 to 7 pounds per canner load, and I’m processing 14 pounds now that I picked the day before yesterday … and I still have bags in the refrigerator crispers …. Ohmy, Ohwow ….

Large tomato harvest