Wrapping up the garden fence project

Submitted by jimwcoleman

This weekend I wrapped up most of the garden fence project. The only thing I still need to do is run tensioning wire across the very top of the long sides of the garden. I will also run a wire along the bottom, about six inches off the surface of the ground in case small animals lean up on the fence or try to push through it. This was a lot of hard work, but now I can be assured that no deer, rabbits or other critters will be able to eat my garden! It's been a real struggle over the years.

Unfortunately, this also applies to my cat, Church - who has become accustomed to hanging out in the garden. I can see the sadness in his eyes already ...

In one of the photos, you'll see the deer that stood 10 yards away, watching me build the fence... :)

Wide photo of garden fence
Photo of fencing roll
Photo of deer watching me build the deer fence
Photo of cat outside of garden fence.

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