Long live the queen

Submitted by jimwcoleman

My queen bee arrived today from Lappe's Bee Supply. She arrived at the local post office in the wee hours of the morning and I was promptly notified. I immediately drove to the Post Office, rang the secret doorbell and took possession of my new queen.

I'm splitting a hive today - taking half the brood and nursing bees and leaving the existing queen in the hive with her half of the stash. The half I remove is being put into a brand new beehive, along with this new queen.

I'll keep you updated!

I will also be installing two new bee packages today. Just my luck, though - temperatures are in the 50's and it's raining. The forecast looks a bit better later this afternoon so ... wish me luck!


Photo of queen bee shipment box
Photo of queen bee cage in shipment box

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